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0007714bugs2020-12-23 19:25
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PlatformPCOSLinux MintOS Version18.3 KDE5
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Summary0007714: Ripple Edit Mode doesn't consider track groups
DescriptionI'd expect the Ripple Edit Mode to shift around all regions on all tracks together, or at least do so with respect to the Track Groups - unfortunately that's not the case.

It'll work great, but only in the scope of a single track - so as soon I have regions on multiple tracks - any editing done in the Ripple Edit Mode will break their relative sync, so it's not making anything easier, like I'd hoped it would.

Or maybe I'm just missing something?
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2020-12-23 19:25

reporter   ~0025349

I think grouped ripple editing only works if the starts of regions are exactly aligned i.e. immediately after import or after making a cut. I would really appreciate a multi-track ripple edit mode as in Samplitude and Reaper with any markers automatically moved along with the regions.

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