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0000077ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 21:19
Reporternbd Assigned Topaul  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000077: moving region to tracks below original, the region becomes invisible
DescriptionMake a session with at least 3 tracks. Try moving some region from track 2. When moved over track 1, it is visible, but on track 3 it's invisible and also on all tracks below.

It seems that moving region from track N, the region is visible on tracks <= N but invisible on tracks > N
Additional Information"Latest" cvs. (About an hour ago)
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2003-10-24 01:51

administrator   ~0000067

nbd - i believe this is now fixed in both CVS and the released ardour-0.9beta6. i had chosen to sort the selection by position then by layer, which messed up some of tim's code that assumed the selection was sorted by layer. i backed this out, and from my tests, this no longer happens. try it out and let me know. tim's code tries to raise the dragged region(s) to the very top layer.


2003-10-26 08:04

reporter   ~0000089

It still happens with the latest CVS, updated and compiled just minutes ago. Even when dragged to empty tracks it is invisible, so it's not about the order of the layers.


2003-10-26 14:20

administrator   ~0000091

testing this with anonymous CVS is useless at this time unless you report the version numbers that ardour prints out at startup.'s CVS service is still 24-48 hours behind.


2003-10-26 16:00

reporter   ~0000094

Ardour/GTK 0.407.1 running with libardour 0.695.0

Ok. From now on I shall report this along with the bug reports.


2003-10-26 16:05

administrator   ~0000095

just found the deeper problem. the code that lifts dragging regions to the top
of the canvas was correct only for the case when the region was not selected. once we adopted the "buttonpress selects" model, we go through a code path that was not quite correct for this - the region's parent track needs to be lifted as well. i've fixed this and will commit later today.


2003-10-26 16:33

administrator   ~0000100

see last bugnote for details.


2003-12-12 16:02

administrator   ~0000269

Reminder sent to nbd

Could you confirm this has been fixed?


2003-12-12 21:19

reporter   ~0000276


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