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0007685ardourfeaturespublic2018-11-10 19:59
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Platformx86_64OSopenSUSEOS Version42.2
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007685: Cutting (splitting) regions too slow
DescriptionThere are 11 tracks (9 mono and 1 stereo) of recorded drums in the project.
I'm trying to do manual alignment of recorded drums, so I use "Cut mode (split regions)" tool for splitting recorded takes into short parts. After half of 0000009:0000005 minute song is done, cutting tool becomes incredibly slow. I really need to wait for minutes until regions become split into parts.

This really should be optimized because work with huge amount of regions becomes really slow and annoying.
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duplicate of 0002982 acknowledged performance issue with lots of regions (bad scalability) 



2018-11-10 18:24

reporter   ~0020469

Here's the actual behaviour:


2018-11-10 18:37

administrator   ~0020470

Is this only split? or region operations?

Is session-save also slow? How about scrolling and zooming?

Also can you try without any plugins that might interfere with Ardour's GUI idling?


2018-11-10 19:20

reporter   ~0020471

The result with nightly build:


2018-11-10 19:59

reporter   ~0020472

The link to the problem session on google drive:

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