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0007683bugs2018-11-09 18:59
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Summary0007683: Bender automation doesn't obey the "Ignore Y axis click position when adding new automation-points"
DescriptionWhen working with Bender automation - I've realised it doens't behave the same way as other automation lanes (say: fader automation or plug-in control automation).

Bender automation will actually not add a point unless I click outside of the line - which makes it that each point I add has to have a different value than the current one (which is a pain, as it doesn't snap to the neutral 8192 value in any way) - so I have to manually Right cick > Edit and type 8192 to put a neutral point on my Bender automation. It's quite a lot of hassle to work with it.

I'd expect the Bender (or any other MIDI controller automation) to follow the settings just like the rest of automation lanes do - it'd be that small bit easier to work with.
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