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0007674ardourbugspublic2020-02-02 17:02
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007674: Duplicating tracks doesn't work properly and get other tracks lost
DescriptionHere there !

Here is my situation :

I duplicate my tracks to work my stereo pan.

Say I have a song with 3 tracks : guitar rythm - guitar lead - drums.
I want to duplicate "guitar rythm". I select it carefully and choose duplicate.
It adds a new track under "guitar rythm".
But Ardour has duplicated "guitar lead" and linked this new duplicated track "guitar lead 2" with the original "guitar lead"...
So now I want to try again and see what happened, but if I delete the wrong duplicated track "guitar lead 2", it will also select the original "guitar lead" track and delete it. There is no workaround... While I just wanted to work with "guitar rythm" track !!!

It drives me crazy and I really don't know what to do.
This is a new issue since I worked on 4.7 before and never noticed any problem like this.

thank you for reading :)
Steps To ReproduceI simply duplicate any track and it happens randomly.
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2018-10-15 19:36

administrator   ~0020401

How do you delete the track, context-menu? global menu?..
Perhaps both tracks are selected when you initiate the delete operation?

There should be a dialog asking you if you really want to remove the track or tracks. Does that say
    "Do you really want to to remove 2 tracks"
or just a single track?


2018-11-02 09:26


example.png (62,191 bytes)   
example.png (62,191 bytes)   


2018-11-02 09:32

reporter   ~0020438

I've noticed this too. I just attached a screenshot.

The track labeled "MIDI 3" was obtained by right-clicking the track labeled "MIDI" and clicking "Duplicate" and using the default options.

Then I selected the recording in the bottom track ("MIDI 3") by left-clicking it, and then right-clicked to open the context menu, and took a screenshot.

You can see in the screenshot that only the recording in the bottom track is selected (at least that's how it appears). However, when you click "cut", both recordings, the one in the track "MIDI" and the one in the track "MIDI 3", are cut. The same happens if you try to delete only one of them.


2018-11-02 09:44

reporter   ~0020439

randomuser226: This is likely normal behavior. The second midi region is linked with the first one. To unlink select the region as shown in your screenshot and hit Alt+1 and then delete it. Result: Only the second region is deleted. Btw. this has noting to to with deleting / removing tracks.


2018-11-02 13:15

administrator   ~0020440

If also edit operations are shared, it seems the tracks share the playlist.

On the duplicated track use the "P" (Playlist) button in the track-header and use "New copy". That will make the tracks independent.


2018-11-02 23:36

reporter   ~0020442

Ah OK, I was confused about the default behavior here, but I see now its in the documentation. (I was just used to other DAWs which make independent copies when you duplicate a track).

I guess aurelienbmusic should clarify whether this solves their problem.


2018-12-18 13:39

reporter   ~0020543

Sorry for interfere, but can you give me link on this place in manual, which tell about duplicating tracks and sharing playlists. I sometimes have similar problems and I cannot find it in the manual yet.


2019-01-06 17:39

reporter   ~0020566


2019-01-10 21:24

reporter   ~0020572

Hi everyone, sorry for late reply, I was not able to try the given solutions and tell about my progress here. But I'm back and will perform a few tests today. Thank you for your help.


2019-03-21 03:09

administrator   ~0020617

This has been fixed in git master (not in any release).

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