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0007668bugs2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0007668: VST plugins crashing due to 'idle' implementation
DescriptionBack on 30th July, commit #98769796d7 modified 'libs/ardour/' to remove an 'idle()' implementation when responding to the VST message 'audioMasterUpdateDisplay'. This was done in response to a bug reported on the Mixbus forum which was causing a particular plugin to crash:-

I've just noticed that commit #9ccace8f0d effectively re-implemented the idle functionality (albeit using a different strategy). However, this has simply re-introduce the bug - which now affects other plugins apart from the original one:-
Steps To ReproduceSee Tassy's Youtube video here:-
Additional InformationReverting commit #9ccace8f0d removes the crashes
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related to 0007766 new Ardour crashses 



2018-09-30 19:34

administrator   ~0020393

If you revert 9ccace8f0d then you can also remove the function fst_audio_master_idle() form the codebase.

But I think the issue is rather in

void fst_audio_master_idle(void) {
  while(g_main_context_iteration(NULL, FALSE));

that may live-loops if a system is overloaded and never idles. Or there may be a deeper event-loop issue here.

PS. 98769796d7c is unrelated here, that called the plugin's effEditIdle.


2018-10-01 11:00

reporter   ~0020394

Thanks Robin,

It looks like fst_audio_master_idle() got added a few years ago to solve a different issue with VST plugins but I've a feeling it shouldn't get used as a response to this particular event. In this case I'd be tempted to take it out as it mostly seems to cause problems.


2018-10-12 17:05

reporter   ~0020398

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This seems fixed now if somebody wants to mark it as resolved

[Edit...] oops - I just realised I can do it myself !!


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023785

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