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0007622features2018-05-16 17:08
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Summary0007622: Make a-Delay's Time parameter's resolution higher
DescriptionI've recently used a-Delay to create a comb-filter effect in my session. It's really great for that kind of stuff, but one thing that could be improved is the resolution of the Time parameter.

When making an automation ramp going from 1 ms to 5 ms over 8 bars you an clearly hear the individual steps of the parameter being taken. I wish this parameter could have higher resolution so I could make automation of that with not stairsteps, even with very slow automation.
Additional InformationAlso - going below 1 ms delay could be a cool thing too for creative effects.
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2018-05-16 17:08


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2018-05-16 17:08

reporter   ~0020273

I've uploaded a video demonstrating the "staristep" automation effect.

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