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0007621ardourbugspublic2018-11-03 09:31
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PlatformAppleOSMac OS High SierraOS Version10.13.4 (17E202)
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007621: Eventide Blackhole 64bit plugin refused in Ardour (AU or VST)
DescriptionEventide Blackhole 3.1.1 AU and VST plugin does not load in Ardour 5.12.0 (rev 5.12) Intel 64-bit; the Ardour log shows:

[ERROR]: Cannot get I/O configuration info for AU Blackhole (No MIDI)

[ERROR]: Cannot get I/O configuration info for AU Blackhole

The VST loads, but when invoked it throws an error:

[ERROR]: ** ERROR ** VSTFX : /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Eventide/Blackhole.vst could not be instantiated :(

Steps To Reproduce- start Ardour with automatic plugin scan enabled: said errors.
- manually invoke plugin scan: said errors.

In other plugin hosts, the plugins load so it is not an iLok license issue.
Additional InformationAs the AU plug in loads well in MainStage 3, I presume I have the 64 bit plugin.
As the plugin loads fine in Audacity, I think it is not a license thing either. I have the iLok software license (no USB dongle).
Strangely enough, The VST and AU does load in Audacity, and has "2 ins, 2 outs" listed in the VST properties. The AU version has "N/A" listed.

Maybe it does not load because the Blackhole plugin tries to figure out wether it is loaded as a stereo or mono plugin before it registers in the DAW? And Ardour on its hand tries to figure out the port config of the plugin before it loads it?
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2018-05-18 20:46

reporter   ~0020274 :

"Hi Joost-

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Blackhole in Ardour. It does sound to be something specific to Ardour, given the plugin loads fine in other hosts.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this issue here, on multiple systems. I will note that we have tested on macOS 10.12 and 10.13.2 (not 10.13.4), but we are testing with the same version of Ardour and Blackhole.

Have you tried resetting the VST and AU Caches and Blacklists from Ardour? You might also try uninstalling Blackhole, launching/closing Ardour, reinstalling Blackhole, and then opening Ardour again. I have also noticed somewhat flaky behavior loading AU plugins on recent versions of High Sierra, that have been fixed by restarting the computer.

If the problem persists, please email referencing this issue. If you've been in touch with the Ardour team, please try and put them in touch with us. It will likely be easiest to fix this issue by working with them directly.



2018-11-03 09:31

reporter   ~0020444

Seems "internationalisation" is the culprit. Go to the menu Ardour > Preferences, then General > Translation. Turn off "Use translations". Restart. The AU as well as the VST load fine.

I'm on a Dutch MacOS, seems there is no translation for the Ardour interface in Dutch yet. When "Use translations" is on, Ardour presents itself in English nonetheless. It is a good workaround for me since I'm only used to the English interface.

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