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0007616ardourbugspublic2018-06-12 11:28
Reporterlauritzen Assigned To 
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PlatformLinux amd64OSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007616: Slow handling of markers
DescriptionSometimes, when I get a huge number of xruns because of a bad plugin or my backup kicking in ardour gets unresponsive when I
- try to delete markers,
- try to open the list of markers in the sidebar.
Steps To Reproduce- Do some weird stuff provoking xruns.
- Try to delete the first xrun marker.
Additional InformationAdditional problems:
- Markers seem to persist even if I don't save the project and reopen it in order to get rid of the markers.
- There seems to be no way to delete them at once. You have to click them one by one.

Because of this, it might take hours to delete all the markers and get back to work. There's no way out.
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2018-05-26 12:40

administrator   ~0020279

As for the latter: there is a Lua Script "Delete xrun markers" - that comes with Ardour 5.12


2018-06-12 10:09

reporter   ~0020292

Thanks for the advice! I'll try it as soon as I run into that trouble again.

For the record: Yesterday ardour crashed when deleting one of just a few markers. I could reproduce that. It worked when I started with a different one.


2018-06-12 11:28

reporter   ~0020293

Ok, the crash is reproducible:
- Open a project
- Press play button
- Create markers by pressing the tab key several times
- Press stop button
- Start deleting markers in random order

For less complex projects, I had to create about 50 markers until I could make it crash. But finally I could.

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