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0007613bugs2018-08-06 12:46
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PlatformPCOSLinux MintOS Version18.3
Product Version5.12 
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Summary0007613: MIDI notes touching heads/tails cancel each other out.
DescriptionIn some projects I have problems with notes that touch head-to-tail.

The first note plays, the next one won't if it has the same pitch.

I guess the note off from the first note cancels the note-on that the second one issues.

I'm supplying a screenshot, will provide a test project.
Additional InformationIn the supplied screenshot, the selected (red) notes will never play.
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2018-05-05 20:26


Selection_404.png (11,372 bytes)
Selection_404.png (11,372 bytes)


2018-05-05 20:30

reporter   ~0020266

Here's a session that shows this problem. There's an exported "Session.ogg" in the "export" folder that demonstrates output produced on my system.

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