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0007606ardourfeaturespublic2018-08-06 11:16
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007606: Unable to export MIDI tracks as stems
DescriptionI tried using the Session . Export > Stem export... to get my track ready for a mixing engineer.

However it seems to not list the MIDI tracks at all. I guess it's not implemented - similarly to how making a Subgroup Bus for MIDI tracks doens't work.

Is there a plan to implement MIDI track support for this?
Steps To ReproduceI wonder how to work this around without exporting my session manually many of times...
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duplicate of 0007071 closed MIDI tracks not available for stem export 



2018-04-26 18:13

administrator   ~0020261

What do you expect MIDI-stem export to produce? Midi files? Audio-files?


2018-04-26 18:43

reporter   ~0020262

I would expect to have audio files produced by the MIDI tracks.
Now that you're asking this, I've realized it's not obvious. Maybe there should be an option for this, because I can imagine people wanting to have MIDI files + audio files as stems.

I managed to get what I need by creating an audio track fro each MIDI track. routing the signal and recording it. Then Stem Export worked like a charm.


2018-04-26 23:45

administrator   ~0020263

The stem-export dialog does have an option "apply signal processing" in the channels tab.

That enables plugins (actually completely changes how the export is performed under the hood). In theory this would also allow export of synthesized MIDI.

Anyway you can use the normal Export, and with a bit of clickin' around export all tracks and split files to mono.. except it becomes tedious if you have many tracks...


2018-06-26 11:59

updater   ~0020307

Another workaround is to route a MIDI track via an audio bus; then, you can stem export that bus.


2018-06-26 12:55

reporter   ~0020309

colinf - that sounds like the most reasonable workaround to me so far. It'd be great if the stem export dialog could do something like this in the background.

I'd personally like the audio and MIDI tracks to be treated separately.

For example an "audio tracks" section and a "MIDI tracks" section with a combo box named "Export MIDI tracks as" giving two options:

"MIDI files" --> gives a concatenated MIDI file
"audio files" -- gives audio output resulting from the instrument plugin performing the MIDI part.

I think the "apply signal processing" could work differently for audio and MIDI tracks.

For audio tracks - just like now, except now disabling this also means that muted audio regions are not muted anymore, and region gain automation and such do not have effect. I'm not sure about region gain and it's , but I think the un-muting muted audio should be a separate function. I might not want to leave in trash while sending raw stems out.

For MIDI tracks - disabling "apply signal processing" could still render the instrument plugin's audio, but disable any plugins that go after that. This way we get a "raw signal" that is as little processed as possible.
I guess there can only be one instrument plugin active at the time, so it should behave just like during regular use.

Another thing is MIDI plugins processing notes before they get to the instrument plugin - but I'd leave that unaffected.


2018-07-04 12:08

administrator   ~0020329

It's not true that there is only 1 plugin that accepts MIDI and outputs audio in a track. It is true that there is always a first such plugin (or none at all).

I think what you're asking for is something entirely different from stem export, and requires a totally different dialog to avoid making the export dialog even more complex than it already is.

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