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0007573ardourfeaturespublic2020-01-17 23:20
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Summary0007573: Overall MIDI-groove-settings
DescriptionIt would be nice to have something like the "ReGroove-Mixer" within Propellerhead Reason, but in Ardour. It would heavily improve workflow for all MIDI-based (plugins, real hardware, MIDI in general) producers to have overall (and automatable!!!) MIDI-groove-settings. So for example to be able to set shuffle, quantization (for ease of recording performances, instead of having to use Ardour's inconsistent and time-consuming quantization feature afterwards for each MIDI object, of which single notes always have to be edited by hand...), swing, positive & negative offset, randomization, time signature, humanization, the velocity for each new recorded note-on-event, and maybe (also nice to have) dynamics (range from smallest velocity value to highest). It could be either integrated into the normal mixer or perhaps (what would be more practical) have an extra floating window, like the meterbridge. So it could have as much "groove-channels" as MIDI-tracks exist in the project (updating their number, order, names & color according to the track settings in the sequencer/mixer). Such a channel should have a "on/off-" or "mute-button", to make a/b-comparisons. It further should have knobs and switches for each channel's groove-parameters (like some eq-section in a channelstrip of a mixing-console). And a fader/slider post-grove-parameters, to set the overall amount a single channel's groove. Also, there should be a "master-channel" for things like turning all channels on/of, overall-amount, quantization-on-recording, time signature for all channels together. Every single parameter should be automateable. I would LOVE that thing, since MIDI is kind of complicated and not that workflow-friendly with Ardour.
Additional InformationPlease, add this feature! This would seriously get more people to use Ardour, because it's making it much easier & convenient to use. I will pay for it, seriously. I'm not rich, but I will give you 100$. Seriously, please.
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2018-02-22 20:31

reporter   ~0020173

Quantization should be useable for either beginning and/or end of notes. This would also be a nice option for each channel.


2018-02-23 02:33

reporter   ~0020175

Maybe also a transpose-feature for each individual channel & the master channel.


2019-04-14 10:44

reporter   ~0020630

I would also be interested in something like this. I think some of mrmrrs's suggestions are possibly overkill, and definitely low priority (like automatable groove, and groove channels - on-the-fly groove manipulation sounds like a PITA to implement, prone to glitches [MIDI is already glitchy enough in ardour], possibly CPU heavy, and useful in a *very* small set of use cases).

For me, this quickest and easiest way to deal with 99% of use-cases would be to make it possible to create swing grids, and then have a quick grid-quantise option that just quantities stuff to the current grid (with strength). Grids should be able to be created with swing (-100%-100%) on arbitrary beat divisions (1/2, 1/4, ... 1/64, - at the moment quantiser swing is set to 8th note swing). These grids should be savable and selectable.

After that, it would be nice to be able to create arbitrary groove grid that can be saved and used as grids. This is done in Ableton by creating a single-bar midi pattern with notes in arbitrary places, and saving that to the groove pool. Something similar would make sense for ardour, and this would allow for complete control over groove.

Grids with dynamics sounds interesting, and could be managed by the above method too, and there could be a 'match grid dynamics' option in the grid-quantiser.

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