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0000757ardourbugspublic2010-05-01 18:24
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Summary0000757: Snap, Crackle, Pop when crossing punchin markers
DescriptionI get a loud snaping noise when the playhead crosses a punch marker (in and out). Right after the snap, the plugins (Im using TAP EQ, TAP Stereo Echo, SC4) sound like they are disabled momentarily, then fade back in, quickly.

Upon saving, closing, and re-opening the session, the noise is completely gone, until i reposition the punch markers in any way.

Note that this exists without any rec anabled tracks or punch in/out buttons activated. Setting any rec enabled buttons or punch buttons seems to have no effect.
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2004-11-21 18:15

developer   ~0001641

Here is a little more info to help in troubleshooting. Once the noise exists (seems to pretty reliably appear after one act of punch in/out overdub), then if I drag the punch IN locator while playing, it dogs down ardour and playing jersks and slows right down for the first few seconds of moving it.


2004-11-24 01:01

reporter   ~0001647

I have also noticed this crackling. It seems hiding the punch in/out markers does not resolve the problem either.


2010-05-01 18:24

administrator   ~0007692

I can't reproduce this with current Ardour. Can anyone else?

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