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0007548ardourbugspublic2018-01-26 14:36
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Product Version5.12 
Summary0007548: time shift when recording from one midi track to another
DescriptionWhen recording from one midi track to another, the recorded notes are shifted in time compared to the original track
Steps To Reproduce1. Create 2 midi tracks, A and B
2. On track A, create a midi region and put 1 note every two beats
in it (notes aligned to the grid).
3. On track B record the midi output of track A.

Expected: the resulting region on B should be an exact copy of the region on A.

Actual behavior: all notes on B are shifted slightly before the notes on A.

Additional InformationTime shift is constant for all notes.
If note A starts at 1|3|0 recorded note on B starts at 1|2|1866.

Jackd started from qjackctl with settings :
sample rate: 48000
frames/period: 128
periods/buffer: 3
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2018-01-25 23:28



2018-01-25 23:33

administrator   ~0020136

What are the connections? Is Midi track A still connected to input?
What is track B's capture alignment set to (context menu of track-header)?

maybe a duplicate of


2018-01-26 14:36

reporter   ~0020137

Track A is not connected to any input.
Track B’s input is only connected to track A’s output.

Track A and B both have Alignment set to "Automatic (based on I/O connections) (currently: existing material)".

Both tracks have "Adjust latency" set to 0 samples.

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