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0007541ardourbugspublic2018-01-19 10:30
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PlatformDEBIAN 8OSLinuxOS VersionMaverick
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007541: The default key bindings for Move Selected Tracks cause velocity control (Ctrl+Arrow Keys) to not work
DescriptionThe manual indicates CTRL + UP/DOWNAROW to control velocity of selected note. It doesn't work.
Additional InformationTo define velocity you have to write click, choose transform, select exactly equal (don't have an idea of what the others choices could be), then enter a value on the keyboard and hit RETURN... On piece of music containing hundreds of notes it's impossible to render something cute without spending your life on it.

And the mouse wheel is here to help guys !

Velocity is a major note parameter and the Grid editor is the weakest part of ARDOUR.
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2018-01-19 01:04

developer   ~0020116

This may be an issue the default keyboard bindings for Move Selected Tracks Up/Down conflicting with keyboard velocity adjustment.

If so does removing the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog in Editor -> Editor -> Move Selected Tracks Up/Down allow velocity adjustment?

I'm not sure what you mean by "And the mouse wheel is here to help guys !" do you have a problem with how mouse wheel based velocity adjustment works?


2018-01-19 09:29

reporter   ~0020117

OK. But these shortcuts are the default bindings.

Sorry about the wheel comment, I just didn't see it was possible.


2018-01-19 10:30

developer   ~0020120

Yes, it seems like an oversight. I've changed the bug summary to reflect the cause of the issue.

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