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0007537bugs2020-10-04 17:08
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Summary0007537: Mix groups volume control
DescriptionI encountered the annoying fact, that the overall volume fader settings within a mix group (channel or bus group) change, independent from what is set in the group's settings. So if I set the volume not to be changed for the whole group, but keep the relative option checked, the volume faders still do change there positions. This does not make sense actually, because "Volume" is the upper option, "Relative" it's bottom (sub-)option. So in practice, in any other software, usually the bottom option is depending on the upper (master) option and therefore only active, if it's upper option is active. Any other behavior is just not logical.
Steps To ReproduceSet at least 2 mix channels or buses to the same mix group. Set the common properties for the group to the following: "Volume: not checked", "Relative: checked".
Additional InformationI don't know, if this applies to older versions of Ardour.
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2019-02-17 19:57

reporter   ~0020583

cannot reproduce with Lubuntu 18.10. and Ardour 5.12 and ardour from git.


2019-02-17 20:13

administrator   ~0020585

I cannot reproduce this with Ardour 5.12 either using the Mouse. When disabling "gain" sharing, the "relative" options become insensitive (grayed-out) and is not relevant.

How do you change the fader's gain?
If you use the keyboard arrow up/down, keep in mind that this applies to all selected tracks, so you may need to disable selection-sharing of the group as well.

PS. note that you can temporarily invert/override a group by holding the "shift" key.


2020-10-04 17:08

reporter   ~0025106

I have the exactly the same problem with Ardour 6.3.0 on ArchLinux.
When i create a group for multiple tracks with all group sharing options unchecked and then select multiple tracks at once, all faders in that group are linked, even when only one track is selected. Deactivating the group has no effect. To fix this i have to check and uncheck the "Gain" option again or restart Ardour. Closing and opening the session doesn't help. Some other actions tend to trigger this strange behavior too (e.g. undo + redo).
BTW: how can i undo a fader change?

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