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0007498ardourbugspublic2017-11-13 12:27
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PlatformWindows 7 and linux 
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007498: there is a delay at the end of loop playback
Descriptionthere is a delay at the end of loop playback that varies. longest delay i seen is one second and there is a double sound of the last metronome click of every loop? the double metronome click and the delay is super irritable and I had this problem about loop playback i Ardour over a year and now i cant take it- I use loop functionality to try and find a riff for a part. the loop isn't tight
Steps To Reproduceopen the program, import audio. turn on the metronome, make an audio track set it from disk to monitor in. loop a drum(or whatever) part and play to it
Additional Informationsometimes its not there but most of the time for me the double metronome click and the delay is there
Tagsloop, Metronome, playback



2017-11-09 22:41

reporter   ~0020085

sometimes it seem to me like it depends on how many vst effects I have in the project, when not many or no at all, I can only hear a glitch from the metronome's last hit at the end of the loop. the loop seems to be tight or in correct timing.

this glitch or click pops like sound from last metronome beat is always there it makes me nuts because I listen to it when I try to play guitar in loop mode. sometimes I hear double last metronome beats like a flanger delay effect.


2017-11-09 22:46

reporter   ~0020086

there was this one time I experienced one second delay at end of loop before Ardour played back the loop

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