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0007490features2021-03-23 18:27
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Summary0007490: Automation following MIDI region edits?
DescriptionThere's a great function in Ardour that makes automation follow editing that one performs on relevant audio clips. This is absolutely brilliant and saves me a lot of time.

The problem is - its doesn't work for MIDI regions as well, only for audio regions.
I mostly use complex automation for my synth lines to add motion to them, and duplicating phrases is a bit laborsome , when automation (sometimes I have 4 automation lanes used or more for a single synth) and I need t ocopy or move them manually myself, risking displacement.

Could the wonderful "Move relevant automation data when audio clip is moved" option have a MIDI counterpart?

Also - it could be renamed to "Automation follows revevant region editing operations" or something, becasue duplicating regions works to, so it's not just moving.
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2020-12-14 23:59

reporter   ~0025309

I just want to second this feature request. I got really confused today because I just could not find this option and I did not understand why, until I realized that it does not exist yet apparently.


2021-03-20 19:55

reporter   ~0025618

I love Ardour, but I would say this issue is my number 1 stress inducer while using it. I'm in constant fear while writing new automation for MIDI tracks because I never know when I might change my mind about the structure of the song and ultimately need to re-write the automation from scratch just to move it over 1 measure. I know there's supposedly a copy+paste workaround, but it still sounds labor intensive and error-prone (not to mention I don't understand the instructions).

* The supposed "workaround" described in:
* Another related discussion:


2021-03-21 00:15

reporter   ~0025619

Yes please, this features is badly needed !


2021-03-21 13:46

reporter   ~0025624

I will respectfully double (or quintuple) that.


2021-03-23 18:27

reporter   ~0025638

"badly needed"

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