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0007490ardourfeaturespublic2023-04-27 06:35
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Summary0007490: Automation following MIDI region edits?
DescriptionThere's a great function in Ardour that makes automation follow editing that one performs on relevant audio clips. This is absolutely brilliant and saves me a lot of time.

The problem is - its doesn't work for MIDI regions as well, only for audio regions.
I mostly use complex automation for my synth lines to add motion to them, and duplicating phrases is a bit laborsome , when automation (sometimes I have 4 automation lanes used or more for a single synth) and I need t ocopy or move them manually myself, risking displacement.

Could the wonderful "Move relevant automation data when audio clip is moved" option have a MIDI counterpart?

Also - it could be renamed to "Automation follows revevant region editing operations" or something, becasue duplicating regions works to, so it's not just moving.
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2020-12-14 23:59

reporter   ~0025309

I just want to second this feature request. I got really confused today because I just could not find this option and I did not understand why, until I realized that it does not exist yet apparently.


2021-03-20 19:55

reporter   ~0025618

I love Ardour, but I would say this issue is my number 1 stress inducer while using it. I'm in constant fear while writing new automation for MIDI tracks because I never know when I might change my mind about the structure of the song and ultimately need to re-write the automation from scratch just to move it over 1 measure. I know there's supposedly a copy+paste workaround, but it still sounds labor intensive and error-prone (not to mention I don't understand the instructions).

* The supposed "workaround" described in:
* Another related discussion:


2021-03-21 00:15

reporter   ~0025619

Yes please, this features is badly needed !


2021-03-21 13:46

reporter   ~0025624

I will respectfully double (or quintuple) that.


2021-03-23 18:27

reporter   ~0025638

"badly needed"


2021-04-29 19:01



2021-04-29 19:01

reporter   ~0025781

I have a passable workaround that i just discovered on Ardour 6.6 (see attached screen recording):

1. Enable Snap Mode and set the Grid Mode to 1 bar.
2. Enable Internal Edit Mode.
3. Create a dummy automation point on the first beat of any bar and drag it all the way to one extreme value (max or min).
4. Highlight all automation points you wish to move, including the dummy point.
5. Click and hold on the dummy point you just added.
6. Drag left or right by the number of bars you wish to move all the points, while ALSO keeping your dummy automation point fixed at the extreme max or min value.
7. Delete the dummy automation point.

Using this method, you can move automation in time with minimal risk of destroying or damaging it.


2021-04-29 20:00


move_automation.gif (246,370 bytes)   
move_automation.gif (246,370 bytes)   


2021-05-07 19:00

reporter   ~0025800

@sankey IMO this could be good Post in the forum under the category "Hints and Tricks". Yes I had such issue with the dragging automation points, and your advise helps, but how this could resolve the problem with the moving multiple midi regions including automation?


2023-04-27 06:35

reporter   ~0027625

highly appreciated!

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