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Summary0007490: Automation following MIDI region edits?
DescriptionThere's a great function in Ardour that makes automation follow editing that one performs on relevant audio clips. This is absolutely brilliant and saves me a lot of time.

The problem is - its doesn't work for MIDI regions as well, only for audio regions.
I mostly use complex automation for my synth lines to add motion to them, and duplicating phrases is a bit laborsome , when automation (sometimes I have 4 automation lanes used or more for a single synth) and I need t ocopy or move them manually myself, risking displacement.

Could the wonderful "Move relevant automation data when audio clip is moved" option have a MIDI counterpart?

Also - it could be renamed to "Automation follows revevant region editing operations" or something, becasue duplicating regions works to, so it's not just moving.
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