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0007489ardourbugspublic2018-06-16 14:21
Reportermendred Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSKubuntuOS Version17.10
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007489: pointer exception on startup for new project in safe mode
DescriptionArdour crashes on startup with a pointer exception.

This happens with the downloaded executable from So downloaded the associated source code, compiled and ran in debug mode as per instructions on ardour site. Log has been setup in pastebin - link below in additional information
Steps To ReproduceStart ardour and start new project in safe mode plugins disabled. This happens every time it is run
Additional Informationbacktrace
for 5.12

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has duplicate 0007502 closedx42 crach since ubuntu upgrade 
has duplicate 0007632 closedx42 Crash while opening any project 



2017-10-14 10:45

reporter   ~0020054

Have tried getting the latest code from git and running that to see if that makes a difference - same result


2017-10-14 14:19

administrator   ~0020055

Can you try if uninstalling the "csladspa" (csound ladspa plugin) package helps?

Some other Ubuntu users mentioned this on IRC before, but I don't know what exactly the issue is with it on Ubuntu.

Smells like some C++/C++11 ABI issue with the plugin using strings in the plugin descriptor.


2017-10-14 21:49

reporter   ~0020056

Yep that solved it. thanks X42 you are a star (As always!)


2017-10-14 21:50

reporter   ~0020057

Removing the csladspa plugin from ubuntu (apt remove csladspa) fixed this

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