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0007469ardourbugspublic2018-05-27 18:06
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Summary0007469: Ardour 5.11.0 when making archive the directories get confused

when backing up a session and restoring it again, the folder structure gets confused and there is an additional archive folder next to the audio and midi folder. ardour tells me to delete the extra folders to not have any confusion. the extra folder in my case just has midi files. when deleting the extra folder ardour does loads the session. it is asking for some files it cant find, but i guess this is normal due to the session cleanup and getting rid of unused files during the archiving and i couldnt see any used files missing...
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2018-05-27 18:04

reporter   ~0020280

This is quite easy to reproduce, and makes (at least for those using MIDI on ardour) the archive option worse than useless -- if they use this option thinking it will be a good way to archive/backup their projects, they'll end up with files that don't even open.

Tripping into this bug is quite easy: create a new (empty) project, add one midi track, create a midi file (insert a midi note on the new midi track, at random), then archive. Opening the archive in that case won't work, since there are two interchange directories inside.

On the test I just made, the interchange project was called "deleteme", the interchange directories on the archive are called:
ardourarchive-CWKAJZ/ deleteme_2018-05-27_184313/ - both have the 'same' contents in this case, with one (important) difference: ./ardourarchive-CWKAJZ/midifiles/MIDI-2.mid has the note, while ./ardourarchive-CWKAJZ/midifiles/MIDI-2.mid is an empty midi file (a valid midi file, but the MTrk is empty).

Note that, even in this very simple example, deleting one of the interchange directories isn't enough: while MIDI-2.mid (with the note) is somewhere, the project file doesn't even point to a MIDI-2.mid, looking instead for a MIDI-1.mid:

    <Source name="MIDI-1.mid" type="midi" flags="Writable,CanRename" id="637" origin=""/>

In more complex projects, fixing the archive manually is simply an impossible task.

(the example archive I am speaking of can be found in attachment to this note)


2018-05-27 18:05


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