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0007454features2017-08-29 11:43
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Summary0007454: A sample browser built into the editor-list
DescriptionIt was very useful to use a sample browser built into the program, so that you can add samples from the disk and easily view them with the ability to listen after clicking. The point is to make it as easy as possible. It would be cool to add a bookmark to the right side of the editor next to "regions"
It is important that samples can be listened to after clicking, browse and drag from list to editor.
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2017-08-29 08:46

reporter   ~0019995

Yes yes yes!


2017-08-29 09:10

reporter   ~0019998

Now I think it would be good to work with a bookmark with effects viewer so that effects can be dragged into the editor or mixer. On such a list of effects you could sort them in categories. Or do a drop down category tree. It is always a good idea to introduce dual functionality if it facilitates workflow.
I am very short of Ardour ease of work, and is already mature enough to begin work on facilitating work.


2017-08-29 11:43

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