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0007429bugs2020-04-19 20:18
ReportercolinfAssigned Tocolinf 
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007429: Clicking in already-selected grouped track doesn't show that track's editor mixer strip
DescriptionIf a group has the 'Selection' property enabled, clicking in a unselected track of the group, as well as selectin the group's tracks, shows that track's editor mixer strip.

However, if the clicked track is already selected, the previously-shown editor mixer strip remains visible.
Steps To Reproduce* Add some tracks to a group with 'Selection' active'
* Show Editor Mixer
* Click one of the track's headers
* Click another of the track's headers
* The first-clicked tracks editor mixer strip remains visible
Additional InformationThis used to work a year or two ago: I could bisect if anyone's interested.
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2017-07-19 14:04

updater   ~0019900

Somewhat related: selecting a grouped track in the editor scrolls the first track in that group into view in the mixer. I'd have hoped that it'd scroll the actually-clicked one into view, though maybe that's more of a feature request, since it's never actually worked like that before.


2017-07-20 17:03

developer   ~0019910

Proposed fix in


2017-07-20 19:10

developer   ~0019913

Fixed as of 2f66899. Please test.


2017-07-20 21:28

updater   ~0019915

Yes, that works nicely for the editor mixer.

Scrolling the clicked track into view in the mixer still seems to behave a little strangely, but I think that's for another bug report, once I've figured out exactly what's happening.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023765

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