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Summary0007423: Allow automation lanes to work in a Log scale
DescriptionI find it a bit difficult to draw automation for filter cutoff frequencies, because the automation uses a linear scale, and the frequencies (in range 20 -20 000 Hz) make much more sense when dealt with on a logarithmic scale.

Currently I manually create typical curved log ramps to produce natural sounding filter seweeps.

I think that could be made much easier if the automation lanes could be switched to a Log scale.

I'm not sure but I think that LADSPA plugins should inform the DAW that a specific control is representing a frequency in Hz, so that could be a hint for Ardour to automatically set automation lanes created for such plugin parameters as logarithmic.

Uses could still use legacy "linear" scale and old projects would default to use linear scale for everything to not create confusion, but new could automatically try to guess the scale for controls.
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2017-07-11 03:26

administrator   ~0019876

Which version of Ardour?

Since 5.10-213-gc4578db59 LADSPA log-scale controls should work fine (the problem with LADSPA is that many plugins specify 0.. SR/2 (not 20..20k). log(0) is not defined, so Ardour treated them as linear).

As for allowing a user to select the interpolation (log/linear/exponential), that's already prepared. The problem is session-compatibility (loading/saving the extra info of user-selected type). So that's been disabled until 6.0. You can
or revert 8cd8cb165 and automation-lanes have a context-menu to select scale and interpolation (but break session-compatibility)


2017-07-14 07:16

reporter   ~0019883

Last edited: 2017-07-14 07:51

I'm currently using Ardour 5.10 stable.

Does this also apply to LV2 plugins?

It's great to know that manual control of this is coming. Can't wait for 6.0!
If you're braking session compatibility, break as much as possible :D


2017-07-14 08:26

reporter   ~0019884

Maybe this is also a thing worth telling to the plugin developers?
I can contact ZynAddSubFX, Helm and Calf devs and report issues, I'd just need to know exactly what to tell them.

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