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0007420ardourbugspublic2017-07-07 13:24
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PlatformChromebookOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version5.10 
Summary0007420: Ardour 5.10 Crashes When I Try To Create Or Open A Workspace
DescriptionI just installed Ardour with no problems/errors during the installation process. Currently, I have a jackd2 server running directly to cras (the audio server for chromebooks). Whenever I try to create a new work station, it says that the jack server is already running (what I want); but, when I hit open, it crashes and is never to be heard from again. No errors, nothing. What could be happening??
Steps To ReproduceInstall Ardour 5.10 on an Acer Chromebook
Try to create or open a work station with a jack server already running
*boom* *crash*
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2017-07-07 13:24

administrator   ~0019872

Best guess without further information: crash during plugin-scan.

Can you start ardour from a terminal? run Ardour5
there may be some information printed there.

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