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0007404bugs2020-04-19 20:18
ReporterribanAssigned Toovenwerks 
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Platformi86-64-bitOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007404: Ignores OSC "Reply Manual Port"
DescriptionSetting OSC port mode to manual results in destination port 8000 always being used.
Steps To ReproduceEnable OSC.
Set "Port Mode" to "Manual".
Set "Reply Manual Port" to "3819".
Trigger some OSC traffic.
Expected behaviour: OSC traffic is sent to UDP port 3819.
Actual behaviour: OSC traffic is sent to UDP port 8000.
Additional InformationI have tried clearing OSC devices to no affect (except this often crashes Ardour which I will report in a separate ticket).

Ardour version 5.10. (Cannot select in Mantis as normal users (like me) do not see this version.
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2017-06-24 14:52

reporter   ~0019805

3819 can not be used by two servers on the same machine. Use a different port. There should be no reason to use 3819 as a feedback port. Port numbers 1024 and lower will also not work.


2017-06-24 15:30

reporter   ~0019806

Issue persists with other ports, e.g. 2001.


2017-06-24 21:56

reporter   ~0019807

Have you tried 2001<enter>?


2017-06-25 10:43

reporter   ~0019808

Pressing <enter> after entering the "Reply Manual Port" does work-around this issue. There must be a failure to check the field value on some focus activity, e.g. onLostFocus (or what ever the equivalent is within the UI framework). I suggest updating the documentation to describe the work-around, reducing the severity then fixing the bug in a future release.


2017-07-20 18:46

reporter   ~0019911

This has been made clearer in git. The port will have a blue background until the number in the box is valid. As soon as the value is valid it is entered if an enter key is pressed or not. I hope this helps.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023756

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