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0007394ardourfeaturespublic2017-06-13 13:39
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007394: Add visual dividers for filters in a-eq interface
DescriptionAs I understand it, a-eq uses a generic plugin interface, using knobs instead of sliders. Other generic plugin interfaces use visual dividers. Could similar dividers be added around each filter to visually separate them?
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2017-06-11 07:55


eq.png (75,435 bytes)   
eq.png (75,435 bytes)   


2017-06-11 23:19


eq_mockup_2.png (86,409 bytes)   
eq_mockup_2.png (86,409 bytes)   


2017-06-11 23:24

reporter   ~0019788

I have added a further mockup with a few more tweaks to the layout that I think make sense.

In addition to the dividers in the first mock up, I have moved the frequency knobs up so that the order, top to bottom, would be gain, freq, q (rather than the current gain, q, freq). This makes the layout cleaner and in my experience, gain and frequency are the more commonly used settings in EQ's.

The output gain has also been moved up so that all gain knobs are aligned.

Filter L and Filter H have been renamed Low Shelf and High Shelf to make it clearer what they are.

Filter labels are moved to the top of each divider box, as per other generic plugin GUI's.

Output gain is labeled as such.

The bandwidth knobs include a 'Q' label to make it clearer what they are.

'Enable' and filter automation buttons are clearly aligned and labeled.


2017-06-13 13:39

administrator   ~0019792

Nice mock-up, it's so much clearer. I like it.

The problem is coming up with a meta-data GUI description for that. Eventually it should be provided by the LV2-plugin itself as part of the .ttl.

So far it's just 5 values per control-port:

  (1) slider or knob
  (2,3) x-grid pos start-column, end-column
  (4,5) y-grid pos start-row, end-row

No alignment, No grouping (borders), no labels. The automation controls are host-provided and their layout/position can't be specified either (they may even look differently in other hosts, or not be present there).

I'm actually close to accepting that using meta-data to describe generic-UIs was a failed attempt. Even to get to the "works for 90%" mark, a much more complex UI layout description is needed.

Maybe using lv2-port-groups which can have a label and adding a 6th param for alignment will allow to approximate the mockup, but it's probably easier to just bite the bullet and create a custom UI.

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