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0007386bugs2017-06-01 19:48
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PlatformKxstudio UbuntuOSLinux low latency 3.13OS Version14.04.5
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Summary0007386: Remove last cupture may remove more than last capture ?
DescriptionToday I recorded a client and experienced a nasty bug it seems.

Recorded a 2 minute recording on one track.

Armed and prepared another track for recording and started the recording and after just a second stopped the recording since I had to change the monitoring.

The really short region was clearly visible so I was not hesitating to remove the last capture just to be tidy.

so I selected remove last capture and the short region disappeared and I noted that something did not seem right but thought it was just imagination.

Later when I was done and wanted to check the 2 minute part, it was gone and it was not in the region list or on disk. I am pretty sure that Forget last capture forgot more than I asked for.

Have I misunderstood something and last capture may include the previously recorded long region for some reason, technically or logically?
Steps To ReproduceI guess this is easy to reproduce using my description above. I will check if the behavior is consistent later when I am done with this project but if my suspicion is correct, this should be checked so others don't get bitten by this supposed bug.
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