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0007381ardourbugspublic2017-05-29 11:44
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Platformamd64OSGNU/linuxOS Versionubuntu xenial
Product Version5.9 
Summary0007381: malformed MIDI track
Descriptionwhen i was recording a MIDI track with ardour 5.9, it was displayed totally messed up and stayed that way. the GUI also became noticeably slow at scrolling when the MIDI track was visible.

this only happened with one of three MIDI tracks in that project, so the MIDI interface was actually working fine. we recorded MIDI before without problems.
Steps To Reproducerecord MIDI.
Additional Informationso far it only happened once. the problem was not present in the same project when recording another midi track.
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2017-05-29 11:41

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Those are sysex MIDI messages, and lots of them it seems.

Ardour records all incoming MIDI (incl Sysex) and in the GUI visualizes them as a vertical line at every sysex message start and print the raw data in a lane.

Did you perhaps record some keyboard state-dump or some control-surface messages?

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