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0007373bugs2020-04-19 20:18
Reporterm.eikAssigned Totimbyr 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformamd64OSGNU/linuxOS Versionubuntu xenial
Product Version5.9 
Fixed in Version5.10 
Summary0007373: can't open 4.x session with 5.9
Descriptioni tried to open a session with ardour 5.9 (kxstudio gcc5 packages) that still opens fine with 4.7, but 5.9. only get's me a non-informative error message that the file couldn't be opened using the session's audio/MIDI settings.
Steps To Reproduceopen the *.ardour file with 5.9 always fails (after a *-3001.ardour copy was written). opening it with 4.7 still always works.
Additional Informationthere's nothing really special about the session, it's just a bunch of recorded wav files. starting a new session and importing files works as expected.

btw, "ubuntu linux maverick" was seven years ago ;-)
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2017-05-25 23:41


rec01_schwanger.ardour (377,320 bytes)


2017-05-25 23:59

developer   ~0019740

The attached Session does indeed fail to load with 5.9.

It seem to load correctly with a build of the master branch though, so it appears the issue is now fixed.

Can you please install a nightly build and confirm. Thanks.


2017-05-26 09:26

reporter   ~0019741

yes, i can confirm it does open with the nightly build. any idea what causes this?

could i manually "fix" the XML file?


2017-05-26 12:49

developer   ~0019742

You should be able to save it with a nightly build and then it should load correctly in 5.9 without the need to edit it manually.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023753

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