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0007369ardourbugspublic2017-05-29 19:35
Reporterriban Assigned To 
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PlatformIntel 64-bitOSWindowsOS Version7 Professional
Product Version5.9 
Summary0007369: Crash if try to use an empty session.
DescriptionIt is possible to get Ardour to show an empty session at which point it is easy to crash the application.
Steps To ReproduceOpen an existing session or create a new session.
Make a change but do not save the session.
Press Ctrl+N to create new session.
In the save dialog, press "Just Close" which closes the current session without saving.
In "Session Setup" dialog press "Cancel".
This returns to an empty session.
Pres Alt+O to open properties.
Application crashes.
Additional InformationIt seems the application is designed to not expect users to have an empty session and hence does not behave gracefully if a user manages to get to that state.
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2017-05-29 19:35

administrator   ~0019756

This should be fixed in git, commit b21c4b41a

Thanks for noticing this.

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