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0007336bugs2017-05-05 14:09
ReportertimbyrAssigned Totimbyr 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.8 
Fixed in Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007336: Track monitoring state not restored from older Sessions (4.7)
DescriptionTo reproduce:

Open a Session in 5.8 that was created in 4.7 that has a track set to explicitly monitor input.


monitoring state is not restored.

Tested with versions 5.8 and 5.8.562 nightly with same result.
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2017-05-04 22:07

developer   ~0019655

Testing with a build of 5.8.646 that contains commit 8a6d303778 (which I believe is intended to address this issue) and unfortunately it is still not being restored.


2017-05-05 12:34

administrator   ~0019659

Could you re-try with 337b100b4 ?

I have a hard time finding a v4 session with explicit monitoring. I'm sure I have one somewhere, but can't currently find it.


2017-05-05 12:54

developer   ~0019660

Testing with 5.8-650-g337b100 and explicit monitoring state is now restored correctly.

Marking as resolved.

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