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0007323bugs2019-11-13 19:46
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007323: Ardour as Jack Transport Slave doesn't sync to tempo
DescriptionThe tempo stays the same even when a Jack Transport client alters its bpm.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set sequencer64 or Hydrogen to Jack Transport Master
2. Launch Ardour and JVMetro
3. Set Ardour to Jack sync in options and set transport button to external Jack
4. Change bpm in Jack Transport Master
5. JVMetro changes pace, Ardour does not
Tagsjack, tempo, tempo change, transport



2019-11-13 19:46

reporter   ~0020819

<+milkii> how far might Ardour be from changing tempo whilst being a JACK transport slave?
<+rgareus> infinitly far
<+rgareus> ardour has a tempo-map. jack cannot provide that

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