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0007302ardourbugspublic2020-04-06 18:58
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuStudioOS Version16.04LTS
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007302: Count-in gives non-integer number of bars' count in
DescriptionWhen using non-4/4 time signatures, the count-in feature counts in one whole bar and then a part of a bar before recording commences i.e. it does not count in two full bars at the designated time signature.

I encountered this whilst recording something in 13/8 and the behaviour was the same counting-in to a 14/8 section of the piece. The metronome behaves correctly, counting in one whole bar, then starts a second bar (correctly accenting the first beat), but recording starts before the second bar has finished.

FEATURE REQUEST: it would be good if there was somewhere to specify the number of bars that were counted in, two bars sometimes isn't sufficient to get a good feel for the tempo/rhythm.
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2017-03-26 18:43

administrator   ~0019559

"counts in one whole bar and then a part of a bar before recording commences"

That is expected behavior. Count-in always starts at a bar boundary (at least 1 bar, up to 2 bars) and it counts-in to the time-signature of the point where recording begins (regardless of previous time-signatures).

As opposed to "record with pre-roll" which always start a configurable time before record (regardless if the first click would be beat 1) and also plays the metronome of previous time-signatures as they are.


2017-03-26 19:10

reporter   ~0019560

Why is that expected behaviour? I don't see how it's helpful.

Working in 13/8 with the playhead set at a barline, the count-in I got was a full bar of 13/8 then three quavers and recording started at the start of the bar where the playhead was i.e. a count in of one bar of 13/8 plus one of 3/8. Naturally I missed the point to come in.

In 14/8, again with the playhead on a barline, the count-in was a full 14/8 bar and then I think it was five or six beats and recording started. It's impossible to know when to come in when there's an arbitrary count-in.


2017-03-26 20:24

administrator   ~0019561

The goal is:
 - If recording starts at beat 1: count in 2 bars.
 - If recording starts at beat 2: count in 1 bar and 1 beat
 - If recording starts at beat 4: count in 1 bar and 3 beats

It could well be that there's a bug if the numerator is larger than the denominator. I've only tested 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 7/8.


2017-03-26 21:13

reporter   ~0019562

That makes sense.

Just for the sake of clarity: this was starting recording on beat 1 but getting 1 bar and x beats count-in, where x was less than a full bar.


2017-03-30 20:10

administrator   ~0019567

Should be fixed since Ardour 5.8-234-g7807869a6. Please test.


2020-04-06 18:58

administrator   ~0021220

Is this still an issue with Ardour 6.0-pre1?

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