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0000073ardourbugspublic2007-02-16 00:37
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Summary0000073: discontinuous range selections - possible to drag range over range
DescriptionIn range mode it's possible to drag a range above a range. This can be done endlessly.
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2004-05-17 02:42

administrator   ~0000760

Is this still a problem?


2004-12-08 21:16

updater   ~0001684

It is still possible but not a problem.
It makes it hard to see what is underneath, and you for some operations it is unclear which part of the selected range you are applying the action to. Looping for example, loop range takes one the superimposed ranges and not the union.
OTOH the crop region to range works as long as the the first and last frame of the range-collection are within a single region.
Not sure if that is correct, but that would be a different bug
But since all these ranges can be dragged around and I couldn't crash ardour (yet) with this, it is almost an esthetic issue.


2004-12-09 20:57

reporter   ~0001698

Actually it poses a rather serious usability problem since it lets the user think that it's possible to make ranges of ranges. Moreover it's hard to figure out which range you're applying your operation on. From the philosophical point of view, all ranges share the same layer.

layer 2 +----range1-----+ +-range2-+
layer 1 +--region1--+ +--region2--+

All it probably needs is to block the movement when dragging a range once an edge of another range is detected.


2007-02-14 22:05

administrator   ~0003261

Is this still a problem in ardour2?


2007-02-15 23:37

developer   ~0003308

It isn't possible in 0.99.3 or ardour 2.


2007-02-16 00:37

developer   ~0003309

This has been fixed for a long time.

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