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0007298bugs2017-03-22 08:04
ReporterahellquistAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformHH Zbook 15 G2OSFedoraOS Version24 64-bit
Product Version5.8 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0007298: Midi port settings pane
DescriptionCheckboxes for setting "Music Data", Control Data", "Follow Selection" are invisible or visualized with black on black (Default theme)

Some of the optional color themes are better but most of them needs a change in this regard.

See screenshots
Steps To ReproduceLaunch Ardour, Select Edit -> Preferences -> MIDI Ports, Take a look :-)
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2017-03-22 08:03


Midi_port_options.png (65,894 bytes)
Midi_port_options.png (65,894 bytes)


2017-03-22 08:04


midiports_selected2.png (46,628 bytes)
midiports_selected2.png (46,628 bytes)

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