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0007277bugs2020-03-29 11:04
ReportertimbyrAssigned Tonmains 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.8 
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Summary0007277: Separate does not work correctly for MIDI regions
DescriptionTested with build of 5.8.96


1. Make a range selection with start and end points inside a MIDI region
2. Press 'S' key to activate Separate action or use Edit -> Separate Menuitem.


It looks like the start position/offset of the regions being split is not being adjusted.

Screen capture attached to demonstrate.
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has duplicate 0007324 closedtimbyr Region split of a MIDI range 



2017-03-09 00:53


Ardour-5.8.96-separate-midi-region.webm (298,724 bytes)


2017-05-13 21:12

reporter   ~0019688

I filed the following PR which should fix this bug:


2017-05-18 05:37

developer   ~0019723

I've done some quick testing of the fix in PR336 and it seems to work correctly.

I'll do a bit of further testing and commit to master soon.


2017-05-18 05:57

developer   ~0019724

Actually this reverts commit ad262a5714fc : "MidiRegion _start/_length beats are frame based only when lock style is Audiotime"

So I'll wait for some feedback from nick_m.


2020-03-29 11:04

reporter   ~0021094

This is fixed in 6-pre1.

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