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0007261ardourfeaturespublic2017-03-05 09:00
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PlatformLinuxOSubuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007261: Unable to find "Follow Edits"
DescriptionUp to version 5.6 there was the button "Follow Edits" in the main toolbar. Now, on it's place is the button "Follow Range".

Where can I find a button, shortcut or setting to bring back the very, very usefull feature "Follow Edits"?
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2017-03-04 10:38

developer   ~0019469

The Follow Edits function was changed slightly and renamed to Follow Range in commit 628c99d55 and was part of the 5.6 release.

Can you please explain your workflow and what parts of the Follow Edits functionality you find useful. Perhaps an alternate method can be suggested or something else can be done.


2017-03-04 11:19

reporter   ~0019471

Last edited: 2017-03-04 11:21

Hi timbyr,
before the change that you mentioned, the playhead was moved to a point a few seconds in front of a region:

- by clicking on a region
- by moving a region
- by trimming a region

all these playhead moves are performed automatically an the user hasn't manually place the playhaed to play for controlling the edits. It avoids the clicks and "moving arround" the playhaed and saves a lot of time in production environment, for example editing a speech record or a interview.

For me, it was an very important feature, that I've not found in other DAWs...


2017-03-04 12:04

developer   ~0019473

Without thinking about this too much, it seems like you almost need a "Follow Selection" mode where the playhead also locates on object/region selection changes so that it works with all types of selections and not just range selection. I'm not sure that will help with region trimming but after playing with Follow Edits in 5.5 the behaviour seems strange to me (perhaps I hit bugs) and the playhead is moved after the region sometimes rather than to before the trim so you can hear it.

A mode where the loop range follows the selection might also be interesting.


2017-03-04 16:55

reporter   ~0019477

Last edited: 2017-03-05 09:00

I haven't had any problems with "Follow Edits" up to version 5.5. I don't understand, why this was dropped! In comparison to other DAWs, IMHO, this behavior was a good argument to use Ardour. Now: :-(


2017-03-05 00:02

developer   ~0019479

I was not involved in the decision to change/redesign the functionality, I'm sorry but you will have to wait for further feedback.

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