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0007254ardourbugspublic2017-09-06 12:02
Reporterunfa Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformPC / LinuxOSLinux MintOS Version18 KDE5 64-bit
Product Version5.6 
Summary0007254: "Add new subgroup bus" is not working
DescriptionThe feature to add a track group submix bus is a very nice feature and saves a lot of time, but unfortunately, it harqdly ever works for me.

Usually when I use that option nothing happens. In the past version of Ardour I think it even caused me some crashes.

Currently I'm just unable to use it.
I create a track group, I select the "Add new subgroup bus" from the context menu and nothing happens.

Can anybody confirm this behavior?
Additional InformationI'm running official stable 5.6 from the main Ardour downloads.
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2017-02-25 21:08

administrator   ~0019436

it works just fine.

e.g. 38seconds into
or (official 5.6 build)

Can you provide more information and a recipe? Are there MIDI tracks in the group or audio-tracks with different number of outputs in the same group?

In both cases an error message would be displayed (Window > Log) and the error button start blinking red.


2017-02-25 21:24

reporter   ~0019437

Ardour 5.6 64bit (Gentoo)

Works for me when I:

- Create a new session
- Create 4 mono tracks
- Create a new group from tracks 1 and 2 by dragging in the edit window on the left side of the track headers.
- Click with left mouse button on group indicator on the left side of track headers, select Add New Subgroup Bus.

Result: A new stereo bus is created and track outputs (in the group) are sent to the input of the Bus.

This was on a "clean" session maybe the problem appears only on more complicated sessions ? Might be connected on the usage of another feature ?


2017-02-26 17:00

reporter   ~0019446

The session I experienced this in had 4 MIDI tracks that I grouped and wanted to create a subgroup bus for. All had ZynAddSubFX instrument plugin and fed stereo audio signals to Master bus.


2017-02-26 17:32

administrator   ~0019447

so you should have received a

  [WARNING]: You cannot subgroup MIDI tracks at this time

Did you get that?


2017-03-05 10:25

developer   ~0019484

It seems to me like two options to solve/improve this issue would be to either present a more obvious error dialog or perhaps preferrably only have menu entries in the group tabs context menu that are applicable.


2017-09-06 12:02

reporter   ~0020017

x42: I didn't see any warning.

I tried now and after opening the Log window - I found this:

"You cannot subgroup MIDI tracks at this time"

So - it'd be fantastic if I could :) Becasue I create submixes for synthesized drumkits all the time, so that'll save me a lot of time.

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