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0007244ardourbugspublic2018-02-04 22:18
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PlatformLinuxOSMintOS Version18
Product Version5.6 
Summary0007244: Duplicating midi track with shared playlist results in hanging notes
DescriptionWhen duplicating a midi track and setting the playlist of the new track to 'shared' some (most) notes hang.
I've put a-midi-monitor on both tracks (the original and the duplicate) and see that no "Note Off" events are sent/received on both tracks.
Removing the duplicate track restores the Note Off events and the track sounds normal again.
Steps To ReproduceCreate midi track, keep General Midi synth on it
Create midi region with some notes
Duplicate track, select 'Shared Playlist'
Play the track, observe some notes hang. In my case the first 2 played fine, subsequent notes all hang.
Remove the duplicated track and observe all notes play normal.
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2017-02-16 12:50


test.tar.gz (21,856 bytes)


2017-02-16 13:00

reporter   ~0019406

Confirmed on 5.6-34-g461c037, Ubuntu 14.04


2017-03-04 11:29

developer   ~0019472

I can't reproduce this with 5.8 with the test Session. Can you please re-test with 5.8 and confirm or not whether this is still an issue. Thanks.


2017-03-09 11:38


ad5 debug.tar.gz (24,309 bytes)


2017-03-09 11:41

reporter   ~0019511

Problem still persists in 5.8. Official binary
Attached new test session.
Here's a screencast :


2017-11-07 21:45


no_midi_notes_off.tar.gz (11,222 bytes)


2017-11-07 21:45

reporter   ~0020081

Same problem here on 5.12, official binary. I first thought that there was a performance problem, as the DSP usage was steadily growing during playback, before I realized that no note off messages were sent, resulting in many simultaneous notes.

This can be easily reproduced as explained in the issue.

Attached a new test session: no_midi_notes_off.tar.gz

The problem can be seen in the MIDI Tracer window, by monitoring the output of any of the two MIDI tracks.

In this test session, no note off messages are sent while inside the region. They are however all sent at the end of the region. If the region is moved to the beginning of the session, or if the session start marker is moved to the beginning of the region, then the first (but only the first) note off message is sent.

If any of the two tracks is deactivated, the note off messages are all correctly sent at the right time.

I think that the severity could be increased.


2018-02-04 22:18

reporter   ~0020150

I tried with the current Git version (built from source: b69d818) and the problem is still present.

Note that opening the test session (made with Ardour 5) with that version made MIDI regions disappear from the tracks (when converting the session). Usually only the last one, but once both had disappeared.

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