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Summary0007240: Disable DSP for muted tracks to save CPU power
DescriptionI wish Ardour could optionally stop DSP processing for muted tracks (also when using solo and solo isolate and other related functions) so that tracks that are prevented from making sounds are not using as much resources.

I guess for recording in big session this could allow for soloing a few tracks and turning down the latency, when the session is too big to work with small buffers all the time.
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2017-02-14 19:58

administrator   ~0019394

You can disable tracks (when not rolling): right click in the track header.

Mute + Solo can be automated besides mute-points may be before a reverb cutting of reverb tails etc. Stopping/Restarting plugins is not a realtime-operation and it also resets the plugin which can lead to audible artifacts.


2017-02-20 13:57

reporter   ~0019420

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I see.

I'll resort to manually disabling the tracks - I forgot that it's there - thank you!

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