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Summary0007238: Split selected notes to new region
Description- I've been recording a 4 hands MIDI piano parts in a MIDI tracks (I was playing a bass part while my niece was playing higher notes)
- now I want to split the 2 parts to be able to work these separately.
- same channel for all notes
- no notes overlap in the pitch range

The problem is that you cannot currently cut-n-paste across tracks.
Additional InformationCurrent workaround (as suggested by las on IRC) :
- first, make the region MUCH longer (roughly twice as long)
- go into internal edit mode
- use a rubber-band drag select to select all the lower or upper notes
- then RB-drag-select
- then cut-n-paste after the earlier notes
- then split the region in two
- then move the region to a new MIDI track
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2017-03-04 14:05

developer   ~0019475

Another way to to do this that I think has a few advantages is:

1. Use ctrl+shift to copy the MIDI region to a new track using horizontal constraint to make sure the timing doesn't change.
2. Right click on the region and use MIDI -> "unlink from other copies"
3. Delete the notes you don't want in each copy.

I'm not sure we need a dedicated function to do this in one step when it is fairly straight forward and perhaps not an overly common operation?

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