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0007228bugs2020-04-19 20:18
ReportercolinfAssigned Topaul 
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Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0007228: Region trim operations disabled when there's a track selection
DescriptionIt used to be possible to use, for example, 'J' and 'K' to trim all regions on selected tracks at the edit point, but these now appear to be disabled when the region selection is empty.

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related to 0007077 assignedpaul Right click context menu over region usable only in some modes 



2017-02-07 16:24

administrator   ~0019338

should be fixed in git now.


2017-02-07 16:29

updater   ~0019340

Hmm, still doesn't work for me: all region trim menu items are still disabled when there's a track selection.

Also, I reckon that at least 'Trim to Loop' and 'Trim to Punch' should also be enabled in this case.


2017-02-07 16:34

administrator   ~0019342

ah right, i thought that just not calling "reg_sens()" on them was enough. it isn't. there needs to be a new group .... coming up.


2017-02-10 21:13

administrator   ~0019361

this is much harder than it looked. here are some notes i made while hacking on an experimental branch ...

problem is that when calling
sensitize_the_right_region_actions(), we call
get_regions_from_selection_and_edit_point() but with arguments
that may differ from those used to make the same call when an
action is actually carried out.

this means that get_regions_from_selection_and_edit_point() may return
different results in each context, which means that an action which
was shown as relevant (sensitive) in a menu may in fact do nothing.

secondarily, many operations use
get_regions_from_selection_and_entered(), not
get_regions_from_selection_and_edit_point() which means that the set
of regions potentially affected by an action depends on the action
itself and cannot be generalized.


2017-02-16 09:31

administrator   ~0019402

Things should be much better as of 606c8d4

This took quite a hard engineering effort. I suspect there may still be ways to improve the overall code internally, but I think this now functions as expected from a user perspective.


2017-07-19 14:14

updater   ~0019902

Yes, working for ages now: cheers!


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023715

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