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0007077ardourbugspublic2020-03-31 06:08
ReporterOliver Assigned Topaul  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Platformi686OSXubuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version5.4 
Summary0007077: Right click context menu over region usable only in some modes
DescriptionA right-click in 'Grab Mode' over a region brings up the context menu, fully functional.

If in 'Range Mode' the menu also appears on right click, and appears to be functional (e.g. entries highlighted as the mouse moves over), but when selecting an entry nothing happens. Also in 'Cut Mode', 'Draw Mode', and 'Internal Edit Mode' the menu does not work.

As far as I remember, that behaviour was like this already in previous version of Ardour.
Steps To Reproduce- Select 'Grab Mode', right-click over a region, select 'Play' from the regions sub menu --> play back starts.
- Do the same in 'Range Mode' --> play back does not start

It would be convenient if the context menu always worked, no matter what mode is selected.
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related to 0007228 closedpaul Region trim operations disabled when there's a track selection 



2016-10-27 04:41

developer   ~0018864

I can confirm this issue with 5.4 (official 64bit linux build) and a nightly version 5.4.226

I also notice that in Range mode that selecting 'Loop' in the Track menu items causes the range to loop rather than the Track.


2017-02-12 07:49

reporter   ~0019366

Still unchanged in Ardour 5.6.0 "Possible Musics".


2017-02-16 09:32

administrator   ~0019403

Check this in a nightly build from after feb 17th, or git commit 606c8d4

Should be much improved, I hope.


2017-02-16 09:33

administrator   ~0019404

Hmm, I may have misunderstood this report. The items that are made insensitive in the menus should be improved now, but there's no change to the logic of which ones are legal and which are not.


2017-02-17 20:05

reporter   ~0019408

I checked on Ardour 5.6.47, downloaded just now. As commented by Paul, lots of items that are not selectable are greyed out, which is much better than before.

I can see some of the logic on which items can be selected and which cannot. I did not realize before that right-clicking over a region in 'Grab' mode selects that region, but not in 'Range' mode, so the functions requiring a selected region naturally cannot be used. I can still select Edit->Split/Separate from the region sub menu, which maybe is not intended.

Also, Play->Play Region is still selectable, without effect (unless the region was selected already). Since this menu item does not mention 'selected region', I would find it more intuitive that it should play the region under the mouse pointer, but I'd agree that this is a detail.


2020-03-30 18:34

reporter   ~0021112

The behaviour is still strange with Ardour 6.0.pre1.47.

Choosing the range tool, and right clicking over a region brings up the context menu. If I select "Play->Play from Start", playback starts as expected. If I select "Play->Play Region", nothing happens.

Doing the same with the grab tool works in both cases.


2020-03-31 05:27

administrator   ~0021116

The available items in the context menu reflect whether there are any regions selected.

Selection is mutually exclusive between different kinds of items. For example, range selection or region selection.

When you enter range mode, any region selection is cancelled.

Thus, when you context-click on a region in range mode, no regions are selected, and none of the actions that would apply to regions are available.

When you click on a region in grab/object mode, it selects the region, and thus region-related actions in the context menu are available.

Does this make it any clearer?


2020-03-31 06:08

reporter   ~0021117

Thanks, Paul. I was aware that the region gets deselected (see note of 2017-02-17), but "Play->Play Region" is not insensitive (grayed out) in 'Region' mode, but simply does nothing. Maybe graying out was just forgotten.

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