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Summary0007224: Request to separate strings for better translation
DescriptionThis is a gentle request for modification for better translation. I realized there are cases that we should sometimes translate a certain word but sometimes keep untranslated for the same word.

For example:

1. Default track name "Audio" in "Add Track/Bus/VCA" dialog should be kept in English because Japanese (or any double-byte) characters seem not to be allowed to be input. On the other hand, any other "Audio" strings should be translated for consistent appearance.

2. Any labels such as "Solo" in Mixer Strip are better to be kept in English because:
- Some Japanese strings will not fit the button sizes in Mixer Strip
- Most physical mixers in the Japanese market have English labels
However, "Solo" strings in any other part should be translated to keep consistency.

Please also find attached just indications of source code needed to be modified as a patch file.

I assume this change cause impact to po files in all languages that the new strings should be translated again.
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administrator   ~0019326

UTF-8 works fine for track-names, what locale are you using, some ISO or UTF-16?

..but point taken, there can be more context for various strings.


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Thank you for your comment.

Actually tracks can be created with Japanese characters, but the problem is, Japanese IME cannot be enabled on the track name field. So we cannot input Japanese characters unless using a Japanese name as default or using copy&paste from somewhere else. The behavior is same for MacOS and Linux. But anyway, this limitation itself will not bother us very much.

Example 2 may cause more impact to Japanese users because mixer UI having Japanese labels looks quite strange to us.
(Other DAWs such as Logic keep English labels in the mixer UI for Japanese locale)

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