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0007202ardourfeaturespublic2017-01-21 06:16
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Summary0007202: Provide a method of filtering plugin presets
DescriptionWhen a plugin has many presets it can be inconvenient to navigate using a large drop down menu.

There are many ways this could be implemented. This report is intended to start a discussion on how to do so in Ardour.
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2017-01-21 02:35

administrator   ~0019291

- prospective search (hard in a dropdown)
 - 2nd level sub-menu. maybe 1 letter alphabetically, or some common-prefix logic

How many presets are we talking about 20? 100? more?


2017-01-21 06:16

developer   ~0019293

From the forum:

For example the synaddsubfx synth instrument-plugin comes with hundreds of presets, and I have to scroll half a minute to reach the end of the list.

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