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Summary0007191: Ability to copy and paste between Ardour instances
DescriptionI miss a way in Ardour to copy tracks or regions from one project to another.

In Blender you can Ctrl+C an object in one instance, and Ctrl+V it in another.

In LMMS you can Ctrl+Drag'n'Drop a track or region from one window to another to copy it over to another project.

Blender's solution looks the most usable to me (no need to have 2 windows visible at the same time fro drag'n'drop like in LMMS).

Could an inter-instance copy-and-paste mechanism be implemented in Ardour?
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2017-01-22 21:27

administrator   ~0019300

The objects you could copy-and-paste in Ardour cannot be sensibly represented in a way that be used within a copy-and-paste system. Audio data can potentially be enormous, and may even refer to sections of a file rather than an entire file.

The same is true to some extent with the data Blender works with, but not so much: before rendering, most Blender objects can be exchanged between instances relatively compactly.

The audio files within one session are considered "private", so one instance cannot publish metadata about them without breaking this privacy assumption.

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