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0007170ardourfeaturespublic2016-12-20 12:32
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Summary0007170: Make the X key a default alternative for Delete key
DescriptionWhen editing audio in Ardour I keep my left hand on the keyboard.
I'm constantly using the Spacebar (play/stop) and the S key (split regions), the Delete key is very far away - I discovered that assigning the "X" key to perform the Delete's work makes my workflow with the keyboard much more streamlined when editing - because I don't need to reach out for the other side of my keayboard.

As I'm installing new version of Ardour all the time (nightles) I've lost track and I'm usign the default keybindings for a few months now - still reaching for the X key first, then realising I need to go to the Delete key.

I'd like to propose making the X key do the same thing as the Delete by default.

I'm not asking to remove the Delete hotkey - only to give it an alternative that can be used when the user wants.

They X key doesn't seem to be assigned to anything within Ardour right now, so I hope this is more likely to be practical.
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2016-12-19 22:47

administrator   ~0019180

The convention in most software is that Ctrl-x (Cmd-x on MacOS) is the same (or very similar to Delete.

And so it is in Ardour. At least for editing.


2016-12-20 12:32

reporter   ~0019196

I never came across using Ctrl+X as a synonym for Delete, I learned to treat it as a separate thing - Cut (with the intention to paste: Ctrl+V the content somewhere else later).

I'll give it a try though.

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