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0007167ardourbugspublic2016-12-10 18:30
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PlatformPC / LinuxOSLinux Mint / KX StudioOS Version18 KDE5
Product Version5.5 
Summary0007167: Ardour - Blender TC indication is off by 1 to 4 frames.
DescriptionWhat is strange - when Blender and Ardour use the same framerate: 24 or 30 FPS - the indication is often off by 4 frames.

When Ardour uses 30 FPS, and Blender uses 24 FPS - the indication is off by only 1 frame.
Additional InformationI recorded 2 short videos about the Ardour + Blender JACK transport issues I've noticed so far, maybe they will be a clearer demostration of what happens:
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2016-12-10 17:57

reporter   ~0019139

I've created a sister report in Blender bugtracker.
I don't know which one is causing the problem.

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