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0007160bugs2020-04-19 20:18
ReporterryntiAssigned Toovenwerks 
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Product Version5.5 
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Summary0007160: No OSC feedback when using fader automation
DescriptionWhen connecting to Ardour via. OSC, the OSC feedback DOES work if you move the fader manually, which correctly results in /strip/gain messages.

However, if you play a track that uses automation for a fader, unexpectedly NO /strip/gain updates will be sent about the gain level of the fader during playback, even though the fader changes are reflected in the UI of Ardour.

I'm not sure if this is on purpose, but it's certainly unexpected as I'm trying to synchronize the fader levels in Ardour with a hardware controller.
Steps To Reproduce1. Connect to Ardour via. OSC
2. Send a /set_surface message with all feedback flags enabled
3. Play a track that uses automation for the fader
4. Receive no /strip/gain updates :(
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2017-05-03 15:17

reporter   ~0019652

Can confirm that this issue still exists in the latest release 5.8. Are there any updates on this or can I do anything to help fixing it?


2017-05-09 18:14

reporter   ~0019670

That would be correct. I am not sure why, but I note that both the GUI and MCP code run a timer loop in automation modes other than Off to update the fader. Will have to do the same in the OSC code. Normally, the strip level changes send a signal that we catch. I am guessing in automation mode there would be too many signals (per sample). Thank you for the report.


2017-05-09 21:18

reporter   ~0019671

Please try git 82fed14f41f1d480f and see if this fixes things for you.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023690

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